The Falcon 7X is our large cabin, ultra-long range, three-engine, heavy business jet. It flies higher, faster and farther than any of its predecessors. It is well known for its very quiet cabin, low cabin altitude and impressive performance.

Configuration 11 passengers

Configuration 14 passengers

Estimated flight times from Bromma airport

Los Angeles (LAX) 11:10 h

Shanghai (PVG) 8:40 h

Nairobi (NBO) 8:00 h

External dimensions

Length                                                            23,2 m

Height                                                             7,8 m

Wing span                                                     26,2 m

Internal dimensions

Cabin length                                                 11,9 m

Maximum headroom                                     1,9 m

Maximum width                                           2,34 m


Cruising speed                                       953 km/h


Certified maximum altitude                   15,545 m


Maximum range                                     11,020 km

Bombardier global express xrs

The Bombardier Global Express XRS is our largest cabin, with the longest range in our fleet. It has an extremely quiet cabin, takes up to 13 passengers and can be configured with up to 6 full beds. 

Configuration 13 passengers


Estimated flight times from Stockholm

Los Angeles (LAX) 10:45 h

Shanghai (PVG) 8:40 h

Nairobi (NBO) 8:00 h

External dimensions

Length                                                           30,3 m

Height                                                             7,7 m

Wing span                                                    28,6 m

Internal dimensions

Cabin length                                                 13,2 m

Maximum headroom                                   1,90 m

Maximum width                                           2,40 m


Cruising speed                                       900 km/h


Certified maximum altitude                  16.000 m


Maximum range                                      11.112 km


Bombardier challenger 300

The Bombardier Challenger 300 is our transcontinental, high performance, super midsized jet. It has seating for nine passengers and is designed to meet customer needs unlike any other aircraft in its category. It is well known for its roomy cabin, high performance and superior range.

Configuration 9 passengers

Estimated flight times from Bromma airport

Dubai (DXB) 5:55 h

Palma (PMI) 3:10 h

Istanbul (IST) 2:45 h

External dimensions

Length                                                           20,9 m

Height                                                             6,2 m

Wing span                                                     19,4 m

Internal dimensions

Cabin length                                                 8,72 m

Maximum headroom                                   1,85 m

Maximum width                                           2,19 m


Cruising speed                                       870 km/h


Certified maximum altitude                    13.716 m


Maximum range                                      5.676 km


Cessna citaTion xLS

The Cessna Citation XLS is our popular mid-range jet. The popularity is due to several factors; its ability to land at challenging airports, having a spacious cabin and state of the art amenities as well as generous baggage capacity. This is further complemented by its high speed and ability to reach most destinations in Europe.

Configuration 8 passengers


Estimated flight times from Bromma airport

Madrid (MAD) 3:55 h 

Moscow (VKO) 2:05 h

External dimensions

Length                                                           15,9 m

Height                                                             5,2 m

Wing span                                                     17,2 m

Internal dimensions

Cabin length                                                 5,64 m

Maximum headroom                                   1,73 m

Maximum width                                           1,68 m


Cruising speed                                       800 km/h

Certified maximum altitude                    13.716 m

Maximum range                                      3.880 km


Cessna citation CJ2

The Cessna Citation CJ2 is our high-performance light jet which outperforms all competitors in its class. It has six leather passenger seats which provide first-class cabin comfort. It is well known as a great balance of range, performance and low operating costs.

Configuration 6+1 passengers


Estimated flight times from Bromma airport

Vilnius (VNO) 1:25 h 

Vienna (VIE) 2:15 h

External dimensions

Length                                                           14,5 m

Height                                                             4,2 m

Wing span                                                     15,2 m

Internal dimensions

Cabin length                                                 4,14 m

Maximum headroom                                   1,45 m

Maximum width                                           1,47 m


Cruising speed                                       765 km/h

Certified maximum altitude                    13.716 m

Maximum range                                      2.834 km


Agustawestland 109 s grand

The AgustaWestland AW109S Grand is our luxuriously equipped lightweight, twin-engine, multi-purpose helicopter. It has five leather VIP club seats in a soundproofed, air-conditioned cabin. It is widely known for its well-designed cabin, speed and long range.

passenger capacity 5

Estimated flight times from Bromma airport

Oslo 2:00 h


Copenhagen 2:30 h  

Helsinki 2:00 h

Båstad 2:00 h

Åre 2:30 h

Visby 0:55 h

External dimensions

Length                                                           12,9 m

Height                                                             3,1 m

Rotor diameter                                             10,8 m

Internal dimensions

Cabin length                                                 1,62 m

Maximum headroom                                   1,23 m

Maximum width                                           1,46 m


Cruising speed                                       278 km/h


Certified maximum altitude                     6060 m

Maximum range                                         830 km



The Airbus H120 is our light utility single-engine turbine helicopter. It has four leather passenger seats, and a baggage compartment.  The Airbus H120 is well-known for its effective manoeuvrability and enhanced safety features.

passenger capacity 4


Estimated flight times from Bromma Airport


Oslo 2:40 h

Copenhagen 3:30 h

Båstad 2:40 h

Åre 3:30 h

External dimensions

Length                                                           9,6 m

Height                                                             3,4 m

Rotor diameter                                             10,0 m

Internal dimensions

Cabin length                                                 2,26 m

Maximum headroom                                   1,24 m

Maximum width                                           1,68 m


Cruising speed                                       200 km/h

Certified maximum altitude                     6060 m

Maximum range                                        710 km