FBO handling services 

Do you have a business meeting in Stockholm? You can be at your destination in downtown Stockholm just 30 minutes after you touch ground. At IFLY FBO Stockholm-Bromma airport we offer free vehicle apron access, meaning that you can have your transport directly to/from the aircraft at no extra cost. Your vehicle and immigrations will simply meet you when you walk out the aircraft stairs. If you would like to take a call or have a coffee before or after the flight you are welcome to use our VIP lounge with a nice selection of complimentary snacks and drinks.

Services include:

Free Tarmac access for pax and crew vehicles

VIP lounge area

Complimentary snacks and drinks

Crew lounge area

Free 3hr parking for Aircraft


General info:

VIP, VVIP, military & ambulance aircraft handling


Monday-Friday: 0700-2200LT

Saturday: 0900-1700LT

Sunday: 1200-2200LT


ESSB is fire cat 6.


Slot is required and arranged by us. No PPR required


Part 145 workshop available via Bromma Air Maintenance


Radio freq. 131.655





Contact Info:


+46 8-25 02 20