Now more than ever, intelligence, resources, and experience play a critical role in providing support to civilian organisations, businesses as well as military constellations the world over in attaining their goals in both humanitarian and business segments respectively. 

The global special missions environment is complex: mitigating risk, streamlining protocols, acquiring authorisations and synchronising authorities and personell. Making sense of the obstacles in front of each mission requires review of thousands of parameters to accurately apply the right teams and special mission aircraft to achieve the goal.


 Customized Global Ambulance

Industriflyg is a full services company deciated to provide care and service to you as a patient, family member or company. We treat all missions as special missions, understanding you needs and executing seamlessly irrespective the challenge or being time critical. Transport also falls under our responsibility. Including any and all transport with medical teams to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome. All our flights are under the security screening of our sister company Scutus, which provide safe and secure transitions through even the most hostile, risk filled regions and destinations around the globe.

At Industriflyg we are your total turnkey partner for solving your complex medical flight needs.  We stand ready for you.  


 Humanitarian and

 Special Freight services

The capabilities provided in our portfolio, ensure that we are able to offer clients turnkey solutions whatever the mission requirements. Our proven fleet of aircraft carry unique approved modifications to ensure the aircraft may be configured from VIP passenger configuration, Air Ambulance and freight. Our fleet include light jet to ultra long haul aircraft. We service missions irrespective of size or complexity. 


Security and capability

Through our sister company Scutus we are able to offer turnkey security and risk analysis for each mission. This service is applied to all Industriflyg missions, however really become vital when operating into some of the most hostile environments around the world. The flight itself is only a portion of the services delivered around each mission. We tailor each mission to within budget while achieving the goal by the most efficient means possible.


Proven End-to-End Experience

Our long standing relationships serving entities such as the Swedish Military, Karolinska University Hospital, Bactiguard to name a few are testament to our experience and achievements around the world.